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Rokhaya Diallo
Rokhaya Diallo
Rokhaya Diallo

2019   La France tu l’aimes ou tu la fermes ? France, love it or shut it ?
2019   Ne reste pas à ta place Don't try to fit in
2015   Afro ! Afro !
2015   Comment parler de laïcité aux enfants ? How to talk to children about secularism ?
2015   Pari(s) d’amies
2015   Moi raciste ? Jamais ! Ordinay Racism Shorts
2013   Comment parler de racisme aux enfants ? How to talk to children about racism ?
2012   À nous la France ! France belongs to us
2011   Racisme, mode d’emploi Racism, a guide
2011   Le sexisme ? Pas de ça chez nous ! Trussing a Domestic

ROKHAYA DIALLO is a French journalist, writer and community activist. She has published several books and has written numerous articles.

LATEST ISSUE : "Don't mansplain me !" 2020 - Marabulles

Rokhaya Diallo

"Don't mansplain me !" (2020) : Male patterns making women invisible in the society are finally revealed and explained by Rokhaya Diallo and French illustrator Blachette. Regarding how the majority of men fill all the room, from professional meetings to domestic sphere and public spaces, it’s now time to raise awareness. This graphic novel gives women the keys for speaking up and getting their legitimate places back. Depicted as funny sketches, Rokhaya and Blachette talk about the concepts of mansplaining, manterrupting and manspreading, all coming from the roots of the patriarchy. It’s time for women to enforce their presence, to express their opinions, and to show their skills in order to say no to ordinary sexism and show everyone who’s the boss.

"France, love it or shut it" (2019) : The book gathers pieces that Rokhaya published in media the last 10 years about a large range of topics from struggle against racism to feminism.

"Don't try to fit in" (2019) : An autobiography from Rokhaya sharing with her readers the encounters, opportunities and advices to rise in society and to rise up yourself from your social condition.

"Afro !" (2015) : The book is about afro-hair from estheticism to politics. It brings together several portraits of women and men who share their empowering vision about loving natural hair and the feeling of freedom it gives.

"Pari(s) d'amies" (2015) : Written by Rokhaya and illustrated by Kim Consigny, this graphic novel is about five friends from France with diverse migration backgrounds. They share everything together : joy, heartbreaks, families and racism that they encounter. This a story of modern women struggling with multiple identities.

"How to talk to children about secularism ?" (2015) : Co-written with Jean Baubérot, one of the most famous French expert on the subject, the book offers pedagogical inputs that sum up the fundamentals rules of secularism. That is to say freedom to believe or not, equality… an educational wake-up call !

"Ordinary Racism Shorts" (2015) : The book focus on the meaning of ordinary racism as a way of getting verbally assaulted in what seems like non-violent and humorous daily micro-assaults based on your race and gender. Rokhaya Diallo reveals the ways to identify and fight daily racism.

"How to talk to children about racism ? (2013) : A children’s book that addresses education issues regarding racism and is answering the kids questions while answering the adult’s thoughts about “living-together”, religion, mixing and other subjects.

"France belong to us" (2012) : Rokhaya calls into question the sacred republican system in France that leaves the power into the hands of the most privileged ones.

"Trussing a Domestic" (2011) : Rokhaya was involved into the writing of the book "Trussing a Domestic" led by Christine Delphy and share a story named "No to racism in our country".

"Racism, a guide" (2011) : In this essay, Rokhaya gathers prejudices and stereotypes she had to overcome as a black woman in France. She attempts to decrypt the day-to-day racism issues.


Rokhaya Diallo

With a lot of powerful artistic performances such as poetry, satire, comedy, music, songs and circus, "Welcome Alykoum" is a lyrical and political plea against racism, an ode to a multicultural and strong French society.

Mériane Azaïche, the director, bet on Rokhaya Diallo as a playwritter, and also on French singers HK and Awa Ly, and many other circus perfomers.

All these commited artists combines their skills and their personnalities to show how racism divides and sickens our societies, but also to focus on the positive struggles of those who try to rebuild a community based on acceptance and respect for all the differences.



Rokhaya Diallo

Rokhaya Diallo



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